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📍Lagos, Nigeria - 08.16.2019

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

"You're not visiting home, you're on an international assignment." - Lazaque

I'm in Lekki. It's so crazy to think about because I knew it was going to happen; I didn't know when. Like, it's always been a dream, a goal, a lifelong wish to call Lagos my home & it wasn't until I had a couple of reality type moments that I was like, you know what, Nneji? You have one life to live, why not live it the way that you want to? So, I made a huge life decision, turned it all around flipped everything upside and I sai, "you know what? Imma give Lagos 6 months if, in 6 months, I'm not feelin' it, I could always go somewhere else. But, I do want to leave the U.S. & build on the continent, on the African continent. I'm super excited to go on this journey, my Lagos journey, my life journey and I can't wait until I look back on this six months from now Six months is that safety net. In 6 months you want to be able to go to a conference in Boston, make it happen. You want to be ready to go from Boston, back to Nigeria, make it happen.

August 16th, we out here. Lagos, we out here. This is gonna be a hell of a ride, and I'm just so happy to do it.

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